image of enforcing the law
image of enforcing the law
image of enforcing the law

What Is a Subpoena?

In plain terms, a subpoena is a summons for someone to appear in court. You would file for one if you had a problem with someone that required legal assistance. If you have a legal issue with someone and it’s getting too intense to stay private, consider a subpoena.

When You’re Being Stalked

How do you know you’re being stalked and not just admired? Stalking occurs when someone harasses you multiple times, usually by watching you or even confronting you. If you think you’re being stalked, protect yourself and get legal assistance before the stalking turns into something worse.

Please, Lawyer Up!

I can’t stress this advice enough: If you think you’re in a legal bind (even if you’re not the one at fault), get a lawyer. Don’t procrastinate getting one. Lawyers can help you sift through legal jargon and can protect you from receiving an unfair judgment in court.

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